With the economy in shambles and career opportunities relatively scarce, it’s tough out there for a job hunter. There are thousands of people out there competing for the exact same jobs you want – for all intents and purposes, it’s a war, and unless you have considerable industry connections or you’re a bona fide networking wizard, the only weapons in your arsenal are your resume and cover letter. If these documents can’t impress recruiters instantly – within the first 30 seconds, in fact – you can kiss your chances of an interview goodbye.

Even if you’ve had years of experience and hundreds of career successes, your job history means nothing unless you can organize all of your information into a clear, concise, meaningful and dynamic resume. If you’re finding that step in the process to be rather challenging, you’re not alone – and you don’t have to struggle on your own any longer. That’s where HOW TO WRITE THE PERFECT RESUME comes in.

The one and only goal of any resume should be to help you get the job you want. Essentially, your resume should work for you – not the other way around! In this book, we’ll show you how to make sure your resume is working as hard as possible to further your name and display your strengths and accomplishment to potential employers. Follow these techniques, and soon you’ll have more job interviews than you’ll know what to do with – all without hiring the services of a professional copywriter or resume doctor!

Every job hunter wants the same thing: A phone that won’t stop ringing, and a calendar crammed full of appointments for interviews. All of this can be yours if you simply read and follow the guidelines set forth in HOW TO WRITE THE PERFECT RESUME. Whether you’re fresh out of college (or even high school) and looking to build your career from the ground up or you’re an experienced workplace veteran looking for exciting new opportunities, this is the book you need to find the job of your dreams.

You’ll even discover how to change career paths seamlessly, making your experience and skill sets for your current job crossover into the industry of your choice. That means you won’t have to start over from scratch just because you want a change of scenery in your professional life! And once your perfect resume is complete, you’ll learn how to write an accompanying cover letter that will positively dazzle recruiters, as well as how and where to distribute these documents for maximum results.