Now while every part of a resume is important, there are some resume parts you just can’t miss. Though there are no particular parts of a good resume, some basic resume ones are presented here in this article.

Professional Overview

When asked for what are the main parts of a resume, almost all the surveyed employers referred that a catching professional overview gives the resume a jumpstart. Your professional overview will actually define your whole resume, it’s more like a short summary of it. It includes a title and a brief description. Some solid professional overview ‘titles’ might be more like,

  • Expert Web Designer– HTML5/CSS3/Photoshop
  • Interactive Python Programmer
  • Creative Ghostwriter– Fiction | Research | Travel

Career Goals

Career goals actually put forward your ambition and plans for the company. A person with a career goal is always considered more beneficial to hire, as he or she is pre-determined for the success of himself and of his company. This is a huge plus-point to have it in your resume. For example,

  • Career Goals: Ambitioned to increase market shares by at least 50%

Determined to take the company to the next level in terms of ecommerce


This is one of the most important parts to a resume. Because, your achievements are the pillars of reliance for the employers. A high-achiever is assumed to easily execute company projects. This is partially similar to the experience section. Do name rewards. Accomplishments may be written as;

  • Successfully built an android app (name/link)

Managing a high-traffic news website (name/link)

Wrote a book on C-programming basics (name/link, best seller 2018)

Rewarded 1st Prize in Hackathon 2019 (a programming based competition)


Education and Relevant Courses

This is undeniably significant among the parts of resume. A recent study conducted on basic parts of a resume has shown that Educational certifications along with relevant courses trump card Experience and Skills. Yes, a good GPA is really important. You can either,

  • Make a chart of your academic career


  • Serially arrange the educational biodata with headers and sub-headers

Both approaches are considered okay, as long as you have decent grades. Do mention the relevant courses, if you have done.



Now, this parts resume is applicable for the persons who have previous relatable experience. It may or may not include intern programs or volunteer/co-curricular works. But other job experiences (however duration) must be included in order to get more priority than others. You can also add freelance experience or entrepreneurship initiatives, if they are significant enough.


  • Chief Editor, LiFE (2016-Presesnt)

Online based magazine and comic

  • Lead Programmer, CALC Inc. (2009-2018)

A renowned real estate company



The skills section is perhaps 3rd in the chain of importance at resume parts as well as the common answer to the questions like “What are the parts of a resume?”. People generally pit it approximately in the middle of their resume. Missing it means missing the job. So, what can I include in my skills section? Easy. Starting from your job related skills, computer oriented skills, to language fluency. Other research/managing skill can be included. That is,


Related Skills Language proficiency

SEO Content Writing English – Fluent

Ghostwriting French – Moderate

MS Word 2019

(The list goes on up to your total number of skills)



Include your interests here on this resume part. May be mentionable: Writing, Travelling, Singing, Sports etc. It’s better not to exceed the list too long here.



Got a good relation with the professor? Then don’t hesitate to ask for his personal reference to attach to your resume, as some employers consider it one of basic resume parts! It’s a clever idea. You may even attach references of other mentionable people you know.


Hope you found the article helpful and now you know which resume parts you cannot drop. Thanks for reading.